Pattana Consulting was founded by experienced professionals through various jobs such as Auditors and financial advisors from the company Leading auditors and business advisors such as Deloitte, our consultants have also experienced investing in a wide variety of business groups including Thai and foreign companies investing in Thailand such as energy, test power, banks, auto parts. Automotive, IT hotels, advertisements, retail loans, cosmetics, drug manufacturers, restaurants and many more.
          Pattana Consulting is a business consulting firm for both domestic and international companies operating and investing in Thailand. It recognizes the challenges entrepreneurs have to manage important accounting matters. Account auditing and certification Accounting system implementation Financial Management Investment analysis And tax management This challenge is something that many companies employ. Especially small and medium sized companies (SMEs) lack human resources to help them manage them effectively. Pattana Consulting sees this challenge and has a wide range of knowledge and experience that can be passed on. Allowing entrepreneurs to manage their businesses successfully through having important information sufficient to make decisions.

Make a business plan
Checking account
Accounting system
IPO consultant
Investment Advisory Service


Audit services, accounting system planning, prepare for IPO

Pattana has long experience in auditing. Accounting, closing financial statements, setting up an accounting system, BOI services, as well as due diligence for a wide range of businesses, both Thai and foreign companies.

CFO consulting service for SMEs

Small and medium sized companies Most of the time, there are currently only accounting staff members who assist in recording the account and closing the financial statements for submission to the relevant government agencies.

One-stop investment advisory service

สFor entrepreneurs or investors who are looking for new investment opportunities in Thailand, Pattana Consulting can help you start with education, financial and investment feasibility market, writing and writing. Business To help with company registration

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Patana Consulting

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PATANA Consulting is a business consulting firm. With experienced professionals, we provide services to both local and foreign companies operating and investing in Thailand.
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PATANA Consulting serves both local Thai and international companies who have subsidiaries in Thailand. Our clients’ parent companies are based in Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Malaysia, India and Singapore.
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